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Method Of Payment

The Medical Centre accepts cash or certified checks for payment of hospital bills as well as credit cards like American Express, Visa and MasterCard up to your approved credit line.

Self-paying Patients

For Self-paying patients the patient will have to pay the consultation fees, Lab services, Procedures, Drugs/Medicines on availing the same.

Insurance Patients

The amount of your payment will depend upon the type of health insurance you have. It is also imperative that you bring your insurance cards or any other medical insurance papers with you when you are visiting the Medical Centre.

You will be informed of any payment to cover costs as co-payments, deductibles or other services provided that are not covered under the Insurance.

Company Patients

For the employees of Companies who have a tie up with the Medical Centre the Employees will have to carry their Employee id and produce the referral letter from the Company. The detailed Bills will be provided to the Employee in Seven working days (Incase the Employee will pay and later claim from their Company later) or the Bills will be sent directly to the Company at the end of the month.

Before Your Arrive

The Registration form will consists of the Name, Address, Telephone number, Gender and age. You will also be asked to provide information on your type of insurance coverage if any. It is very important that you provide accurate insurance information as this will enable us to verify your coverage and benefits.

In the case of Employee’s of Companies who have a tie up with the Hospital, the Patients will have to carry the Employee id and the referral letter from the Company. All the information provided at the reception will be kept strictly confidential.


Huge Parking areas are available adjoining (right, left and behind) the Medical Centre. Patients and family members are advised to park their vehicles so as not to cause any inconvenience to other vehicles. Parking of the Vehicle is the responsibility of the owner and the Medical doesn’t take any liability for any damages or fines imposed for violating the laws.